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These phone holsters cost less because there is no tooling and the leather comes pre dyed. The Leather is 4-6oz veg tan leather with fuzzy and soft finished edges. The holsters made from this leather are also notably softer from the start and therefore will accommodatea tighter fit easier other holsters.  The holster in this listing is made to fit a phone sized 6.5"x3.25", but I can make the holster fitted to your specific phone, just let me know what the dimentions are of your phone. If you use a phone case, you need to take the measurments of your phone while its in the case.

Oxblood Textured Phone Holster

  • Typically speaking, once an order is placed I will get started on it as soon as possible, and I can usually have an item finished and shipped within two weeks. If there are any complications such as needing to order more materials or hardware I will inform you immediately about the delay, and then once more when I have all the materials and am able to get started on the product.

    Please note Production on custom and made-to-order items will only start once your approval has been given on the final proof. Once the Item goes into production it will be 1-2 weeks before the item is finished and can be shipped out.



    that if you are placing a custom made order I will be trying to contact you for more information, and to get proofs of your product to you so that you can sign off on the item before I get started on the actual product. Once you have given your approval on the final proof, that is when the item will start production and it will likely be 1-2 weeks before the finished product is shipped.

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