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All of my Leather products with the exception of belts (see below for more information) are backed by a lifetime guarantee, if the stitching on any product comes undone or if the leather tears and is no longer usable, contact me with the photos of the problem and send the item back to me and I will do what I can to repair the damage or if it is beyond repair then you may receive a replacement
Belts are limited under my lifetime warranty, as they are often going to be cut to fit the buyers size, if anything happens to the belt, either at the buckle loop, or the buckle holes, there would likely be little to no extra material to work with to repair the damage and keep it looking exactly the same. I can and would however be willing to sew on an extra length of leather of the same thickness to repair and make the belt usable again.
Please note that if the belt is used consistently in dry or hot environments, or is exposed to water or sweat often, applying a leather conditioner on a monthly basis would be greatly advised (note that some conditioners may darken the color of the leather) 
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